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Two Secrets to Muscle Building

In order to build muscle you must keep a few important tips in mind. It can make a great deal of difference in building vast results. Most bodybuilders want to know how to build muscle fast. Below I have listed the key strength training principles to live by. If you remember these, you will always get great strength training muscle results.

It all comes down to two words – intensity, and precise rest.

Intensity = How hard you Train

Rest = Allowing enough time for your Muscles to Recuperate, and Generate even more Muscle Tissue.

Building muscle fast is directly proportional to the intensity and rest between weight training sessions. Most bodybuilding enthusiasts simply don’t understand that muscle tissue is generated between workouts, not during weight training workouts.

When I refer to high intensity, I am referring to the heaviest weight you can possibly lift for 8 – 12 reps or until your failure repetition. An example at increasing intensity would be doing 2 forced reps with a spotters help after you can’t move the weight anymore. That is considered hi intensity. Another way to increase intensity is to decrease the rest time between sets, or superset your training. A muscle training superset would be considered doing one exercise to failure immediately followed by another while targeting the same muscle group. Weight lifting programs which utilize high intensity principle must be executed with a deep sense of desire, and drive. Muscle growth must be forced. It doesn’t just magically appear. The greater the effort, the more lean tissue is generally developed.

Now let’s talk about the other half of the muscle training equation known as rest. As a strength training enthusiast you can train at an all time high intensity, but if you don’t get enough rest between resistance training sessions, you won’t maximize the muscle building process. You will, in fact, short circuit that process. Therefore, the proper rest is as important as the weight training exercises them self.

The next question is how do I know when I have had enough muscle building rest? The answer is pretty simple. Most bodybuilders just don’t get it. All you need to do is track your progress. Your tracking will tell you everything you need to know about precise rest for maximum muscle training growth. If your strength continues to increase with subsequent workouts, you are training with optimal rest. However, if your strength is decreasing with each workout, you need more rest between workouts. Muscle training is all about the numbers. Know them, and alter your weight training program accordingly.

Of all the muscle training information you read please remember the most important principles to build muscle fast. Don’t forget the two words, intensity and rest.

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