About Rodney Burton

My passion for working out and living a healthy lifestyle officially began in 1991 when I weighed only 140 lbs. Initially, I wasn’t interested in working out as I didn’t understand the principles and benefits of working out. But After several conversations with some of my friends, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. From day one in the gym, I knew working out was going to be for me.

Instantly, I developed a passion for wanting to improve my body and the way I looked. I decided this was going to be a lifestyle change I would make although it wasn’t going to be easy. I had to put forth much effort and determination in order to get the smallest of results.

In 1994 I decided to participate in my first body building contest. I weighed in as a middle weight contender at 167 lbs for the Tampa Bay Classic and achieved 2nd place. I was happy with the results, but even more determined to continue with my training. I read several articles from professional bodybuilders, and sought after knowledge from competitors, judges, and others in the business to help me achieve the success I have experienced over the years. I realized bodybuilding was a way for me to show others how hard work and dedication could pay off.

In 1997 my overall winning of the Mr. Thunder bay was a proud moment for me. After 6 years of training I finally had a title to my name. After the Florida state championships in 1998, I decided to take some time off from competing. I decided I wanted to increase my body size in order to compete as a light heavy weight. In my first few shows I placed, but not to my satisfaction. Finally, in 2004 I won my weight class and runner up in the Southeastern USA championships. 2 years later, I won the incredible title of Mr. Florida, an achievement that I only dreamed about.

I have continued my journey with competing in Bodybuilding by completing at least one show a year. In 2012 I won my first Heavy Weight title at the All South Bodybuilding Championships in St. Augustine, Florida. This qualifies me for competing at the National level in 2013. My overall goal is to earn a Bodybuilding Pro Card.

As you can see from my story I have been able to change my life for the better. Over the last 16 years, I have slowly put on about 80 pounds of lean muscle mass from working out, eating right, and taking appropriate vitamins and supplements. With all my knowledge, I have been able to show others how they can change their lives and live a healthier lifestyle.

I couldn’t do any of this without my faith in God, and the love and support of my family and friends everywhere.

Rodney Burton
Results Nutrition

Year Show Show Level Weight Class Results
1994 Tampa Bay Classic 3 Middle Weight 2nd Place
1995 Thunder Bay 3 Middle Weight 2nd Place
1996 Thunder Bay 3 Middle Weight 2nd Place
1996 Tampa Bay Classic 3 Middle Weight 1st Place
1997 Thunder Bay 3 Middle Weight 1st & Overall
Winner – Mr.
Thunder Bay
1997 Jr Florida 4 Middle Weight 2nd Place
1997 Southeastern USA 5 Middle Weight 5th Place
1998 Florida State Championships 4 Middle Weight 2nd Place
2001 Hurricane Bay 4 Light Heavy Weight 4th Place
2002 Jr Florida 4 Light Heavy Weight 3rd Place
2003 Southeastern USA 5 Light Heavy Weight 5th Place
2004 Southeastern USA 5 Light Heavy Weight 1st Place &
Overall Runner-up
2005 Nationals – Atlanta Nationals Light Heavy Weight N/A
2006 Florida State Championships 5 Light Heavy Weight 1st & Overall
Winner – Mr.
2008 All South 5 Heavy 2nd Place
2008 Nationals – Atlanta Nationals Light Heavy Weight N/A




Jr USA Championships

All South

Southeastern USA




Light Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight


1st Place

3rd Place

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