Feeling like a Princess!

The day after I got engaged, I reached out Results Health & Nutrition because I knew Rodney could get me wedding ready! Prior to making this decision and commitment, I knew I needed to have a strong support system. Planning a wedding on your own can be one of the most stressful things. I wasn’t overweight before my engagement in April of 2016. However, I knew how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day.

I sat down with Rodney to discuss my overall goals. He wrote my meal plans, I knew what to eat, and when to eat it. 🙂 Results Health & Nutrition provided me with an extensive menu selection that included personalized portions. I also scheduled 1-2 personal training sessions with Rodney each week. I also maintained a healthy cardio regiment.

The road wasn’t an easy one but Rodney taught me, keeping your mind and body focused on the end result…can only bring you an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. I had a very feminine toned look on my wedding day. I have never felt more beautiful and confident as I did on my special day. When the doors opened and all eyes were on me…I truly felt like a princess!

I could not wait to see my pictures. All women deserve to feel the same feeling on their special day or ANYDAY. It is so easy to put yourself (mind and body) on the back-burner. Working with Results Health & Nutrition was one of the best decisions I made!

Samantha Busciglio (Riverview, FL)

All I can say is ``He's Amazing``

I have to be honest with you, I never doubt what he could do. I read all the testimonials from each member and knew he had a gift. I went to him in decent shape and what I thought was a thick body. I worked out regularly and ate what I thought was good. “Was I Wrong with everything”.
I have been with him now for 9 weeks and have lost 21 pounds. 21 pounds that I didn’t think I could lose or needed to lose. The thickness I had was fat. I was wearing an overcoat and never even knew it.
I asked him when we started what his goal will be with me. He said he has a vision and it will start with chiseling me down to what muscle I have and get my body use to eating just what he tells it to eat. He wanted my body to absorb all the nutrients he advised to eat and have nothing left after the 3 hours. Then, eventually, he will start bringing me back up to the thickness I want, but with muscle and not an overcoat. So far it has worked to a tee.
It is definitely an eye opener to find out how small you really are without the fat. I am getting so lean and feeling so good that I’m in awe. I know I’m the one that has dedicated my lifestyle to this regiment and has done the hard work in the gym, but I feel he has been right there the whole time to get it accomplished the right way. He always answers the phone calls, always says yes to request and is always there with the right advice.
Rodney is a true Nutritionist and absolutely knows what it takes to reach the right goals. Everyone is different and he has an unbelievable way of designing a plan to sculpture each individual client. There is one thing for sure he has taught me in all this. I am no longer in the gym to lift weights, I am in the gym to body build…
By the way, I mainly started this venture to be a partner with my wife and help her lose weight she badly wanted to lose. She has lost over 18 pounds to date and is looking awesome.
Thanks for the torture so far Rodney. 9 weeks into it so far and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me in the future.

Vince Alonso (Gibsonton, FL)

I Lost 33 Pounds and I am ESTATIC!!

I started with Rodney in May 2014. I wanted to drop at least 2 sizes. I went beyond my expectations. It did take me 9 months to reach my goal weight but I went from a size 14 to size 6 to 8 and a total of 33 pounds and 28.5 inches I am estatic! Rodney is awesome… Always gave me the positive reinforcement that I needed! He has taught me the correct way to eat through the meal plans. I feel great, both mentally and physically. Thank you so much Rodney!

Debi Conwell (Valrico, FL)

Great weight losses Program

If it hadn’t been for Rodney and his program both my husband and I would not being doing as well health wise as we are at this time, since losing the wgt with Rodney’s help we don’t get as sick, which is a plus. You feel better mentally and physically. His plan is life changing, and its not hard to follow. You can still go out to dinner,you learn how to modify what and how you eat. If I can lose the weight following his plan, anybody can. He and his wife are always available if you have a question and are more than glad to answer them. Thanks Rodney for all you do.

Terry Hoffman (Riverview, FL)

Quickly fell in love with working out and the RESULTS

R.L. came to RESULTS with his wife, something she had bugged him to do for a while. He finally decided to come sign up with her training 3 times a week with Rodney. It quickly became an addiction and he also started to make healthier choices and drinking the delicious Champion Protein shakes to ensure he was getting enough protein for his workouts. After training with Rodney for about 4 months, he joined a gym and took his workout learnings of proper technique and form on his own. R was very excited throughout the 4 months period of time seeing how his body was changing for an overall improved look – more muscle and a leaner frame.


You can own a restaurant and still lose weight

V came to results to lose a few pounds and to also tone up so that her clothes would fit better. Exposed to “good” food everyday can be a challenge, but in 3 months V was able to lose 13 pounds and 10 inches. She also trained twice a week with Rodney to help with her toning. Coming to RESULTS is something she wanted to do for a long time, but she wanted her husband to do it too. She was able to convince him and together they Got Results!

I'm in the Best Shape of my Life Thanks to Rodney!

Results Health & Nutrition
Rodney Burton
626 Oakfield Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511


I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for all your help. As you know, I began working out and making a conscious effort to eat better back in August of 2012. When I met with you in December of 2012, I had worked out every other day for nearly four full months and I had still not lost a single pound.

At my initial consultation I weighed 207 pounds, and I had been fluctuating between 205 and 215 for the previous 2 years. When I started with you, I set a goal of 185 pounds, which meant I had to lose 22 pounds. I lost 9 in my first 2 weeks with nothing more than some simple changes to my diet and my eating habits; my workout remained the same. By week 10, I had surpassed my goal and was at 184 pounds and at week 12, I weighed 182 – I lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks – no shots, no crazy supplements and truth be told, I probably ate more food on your plan than I was eating prior to starting with you, so I certainly wasn’t starving myself.

You have helped me realize a goal I truly thought was unattainable. I turn 30 years old next week and I am happy to say I’m in the best shape of my life. I feel better, I have more energy, and most of all, I love seeing the results. I have a totally different body and I have gained an appreciation for treating my body good. When I think back on my journey at how frustrating it was to spend four months exercising without losing a single pound, I can’t help but laugh at the fact I went on to lose 25 pounds in three months with your help.

Thank you again for providing me with the knowledge and understanding that allowed me to transform my body and my lifestyle. Without question, you provided me with the results I was looking for and I would absolutely recommend you and your advice to anyone seeking a similar change.

Very truly,
Josh Horrocks
Riverview, Florida

Josh Horrocks (Riverview, FL)

Husband & Wife Team Up for BIG Weight Loss!

Terri and Steve joined RESULTS after meeting Rodney at a Fishing event. They were both looking to change their lives and be healthier. They followed a meal plan for 5 months, and the RESULTS were Fantastic! Terri lost a total of 42 pounds and 24 inches, and Steve lost 63 pounds and 30 inches. That’s over 100 pounds 50 inches combined. Wow! They received many compliments and some of their friends came for help as a RESULT of their weight loss. Some of their friends even commented they almost didn’t recognize them. Not to give away their age, but let’s just say you can still change even over the age of _0! Oh Yeah!

Terri and Steve

Over 20 Pounds is Gone for Good!

Justin joined RESULTS around the same time that he was moving out of state. He still joined knowing he could call in for his bi-weekly appointments with Rodney. He sent over his food log sheets and pictures to watch the transformation of his work. He was able to see nice weight loss following a plan that showed him how to eat, and also worked out at his gym following a work out program designed for him by Rodney. The RESULTS from working out were great! Justin was down 23 pounds, but also added muscle tone for an improved look.

Justin O'neil (Round Lake, IL)

A New Holly

Holly joined RESULTS to lose a little weight, but to also tone up. She purchased a meal plan, and also trained one on one with Rodney 2 – 3 times a week. She lost a total of 13 pounds, and beat her goal weight by 5 pounds. She also toned up all areas of her body, and saw muscle definition she had never noticed. Holly was very excited about her change in just a short period of time. She decided to continue on her own, following a workout program designed by Rodney that she could follow at her own gym.

Holly Marlow (Lakeland, FL)

Happy Couple loses weight together

Christine and Dan joined RESULTS for help with losing weight. They purchased a 12 week meal plan and improved their health by making better choices with their food. In the past, they were not really watching what they were eating nor were they watching their portion sizes. Christine was able to lose 20 pounds and 2 sizes, and Dan was down a total of 29 pounds. They credit Rodney with putting them on the right track for a healthier lifestyle that they will continue on their own.

Not only am I thinner, but healthier!

After meeting Rodney at a fishing meeting, B.A., came to RESULTS for help losing weight. Following a meal plan and working out with Rodney twice a week, she was able lose 16 pounds and 16 inches. Her coworkers noticed her change and were always curious as to what she was doing. When she went shopping, she was very excited to buy her new smaller size. She continues to follow a healthier lifestyle by eating better and also purchased a workout program so that she can work out on her own at her local fitness center.

A Great Mom brings daughter to RESULTS for help with weight loss.

What a great mom! Seeing her teenage daughter struggle with her weight, Melinda’s mother turned to RESULTS after meeting Rodney at a work event with his wife. Being a student and trying to diet can be a struggle, but Melinda had great support from her mom. She was able to take off 15 pounds, and mom also changed her eating habits and lost weight herself. It’s never too late to change your eating habits and creating a new healthier you. Just ask Melinda or her Mom.

Melinda M.

Help! I am in a wedding soon.

Arman came to RESULTS for help toning up for an upcoming wedding – he was in the wedding party. He had lost about 70 pounds on his own, but had not worked out and needed help toning. He trained with Rodney for 4 months, and saw great changes in the way his body was looking especially his upper body. He was able to make a transformation he was hoping for in time for the wedding.


Personal Training Sessions helped to tone my body

Feeling pretty good with where my weight was, I wanted to try working out to see if I could tone up a little. I trained with Rodney 2-3 times a week over a period of 3 months and was excited by the RESULTS. I was able to lose about 12 inches and could really feel a difference in the way my clothes were fitting me. I also lost 5 pounds, but again that wasn’t my main focus. Just wanted to look more toned. Thanks to my trainer Rodney for getting me started.

Kim A.

First Bodybuilding Competition is a Win!

Out of town client Chuck decided to contact RESULTS to prepare for a bodybuilding competition after his wife had success working with Rodney a couple of years earlier for figure competitions. Every 2 weeks, Chuck sent in his weight, food log sheets, and pictures in order to see his progression. Working with Rodney for about 4 months, Chuck entered his first bodybuilding competition and took home the win. It was hard work and dedication on Chuck’s part following an eating regimen and workout program provided from Rodney. The hard work totally paid off and Chuck has the trophies to prove it.

Chuck Mickens (Surprise, AZ)

Teenager improves health to be better in sports

It’s never fun to be overweight, but even less when you are trying to keep up in sports with other teens. Jay lost 36 pounds in 12 weeks, and improved in his workouts gaining more muscle tone. He had the support of his mom, as she prepared his meals for him everyday and she also began to eat healthier and lost weight too. Jay’s weight loss allowed him to keep up during cardio workouts, and he wasn’t as winded. He credits RESULTS with the guidance and helping him to get started. Jay is going to continue to work on even more weight loss to live an even healthier lifestyle.

Rodney and Audra = Great Results!

Thanks so much for all you’ve done for me.

I am 66 years old and weighed 232 pounds at 5’5 tall. I had high blood pressure and on meds. I was not fit, not strong, and tired all the time. I started working out on my own on 3/4/2011. I worked out 5 days a week, 2 to 2 ½ hours daily. I also took 3 water aerobic classes a week, 1 hour each class. I did lots of cardio and resistance machines. I lost 15 pounds between 3/4/11 – 7/12/11. Not much progress for lots of time and hard work.

Then I went to Rodney. He was highly recommended by several friends. We did evaluation, a meal plan, and 3 personal training sessions to learn technique and form. I recommend as many training sessions that you can afford. I weighed 217 pounds when we started. I thought I was eating very healthy; How wrong I was isn’t even measurable. I followed the meal plan except 4 times – Cake twice, ice cream once, and peanut butter once. Be sure to follow meal plan and weigh all foods. Rodney introduced me to free weights, more cardio, change ups and results. The results are on 10/12/11 I weighed 180 pounds. I am now on maintenance and weigh 177 working towards 170. Rodney is so knowledgeable about food and nutrition as well as physical training. He got me where I am today…Healthy, NO Blood Pressure meds, physically fit and stronger than I’ve been in 30 years. Rodney’s Results are in the numbers: On my own 15 pounds in 132 days…With Results 37 more pounds in 92 days, plus less time working out daily, mixing up workouts and always pushing for a few more reps and heavier weights. I suggest you go see Rodney now and get Outstanding RESULTS . It Feels Great!

A world of Thanks doesn’t even come close to my gratitude. Weight is still going down, getting stronger, and feel good.

Bonnie Smith (Seffner, FL)

Rodney is a Blessing!

I am sure if you are reading this testimony right now, you are trying to make a decision as to whether or not you are really going to get what you are paying for. I hope I can help you in your decision by sharing my testimony with you.

I knew Rodney before he ever opened his talent of body sculpting to the public. It was during my tenure of show competitions In 2005-2006. I had just come out of a local competition and was not happy with where I had placed.

I knew Rodney through mutual friends. I was one week out from my next show, which was on a much larger scale. Rodney stepped in and worked with me for 1 week. Remember, I was already pre-conditioned but needed some fine tuning. I remember wishing that I hadn’t even entered the show because I thought I wouldn’t even be able to place. Rodney believed differently in me and told me just to do everything he was saying. So I did. The morning of the show, I woke up and was in tears! I couldn’t see past what I was looking at in the mirror! I thought, “I just want
this day to end!” Well, Rodney asked me to trust him. Just trust him. I said, “Fine.”

So I listened and did everything he said. As the day progressed, I watched my body transform as I placed in the top
3 that day at my competition!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE AND BELIEVING IN ME, RODNEY! You see, most of us can only see what’s right in front of us. We can’t seem to look beyond. Most of us hope and dream for
things or for our bodies to look different, but we can’t REALLY see beyond to know how to achieve the goal.

It’s a gifting to be able to see past what is in front of you. I know there are many of you that look great and feel great right now! You are working out, eating right and training hard; but something could be better. You just aren’t able to make it happen no matter how hard you try! Now, let’s move on from here for a moment……

After the birth of my second son, 2007, I suffered some very serious issues with that birth. It affected me in many, many ways. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and even had a major affect on the foods that I was able to eat. I lost a lot of
muscle, became weak, and unable to workout for months and months!

Four years later, 2011, the Lord had walked me through much, depending on Him for all my needs. I had been asking the Lord to help me get this area of my life back in place where I could enjoy training and build my body back up to where I
could at least work out again and put muscle back on. We were financially unable to afford Rodney, but after praying and talking with my husband, we felt that we NEEDED to sacrifice and put this money back into me and building my health back up.

This time, I was coming to Rodney for something different. To help me find who I was again in the area of working out and building my foods back up the right way. I purchased 12 weeks with Rodney. It took 12 weeks just to get us where
I had stability in my body to work with. The foundation was set again and the foods were coming in so much better! Rodney gave me the ability to see through different eyes again. I know that that the Lord sent me there for that time. It was necessary!

It wasn’t because I wanted to compete again! It wasn’t because I wanted to only look a certain way! It was because God used Rodney to physically build me back up and to speak truth and confidence back into me in an area where I was needing it most!

When I went to Rodney, he gave me the encouragement I needed and the nudging that I needed each week to reach that goal! Rodney, if I haven’t thanked you, I’m thanking you now! THANK YOU AGAIN! YOU WERE A BLESSING TO ME AT THAT TIME IN MY LIFE!

I am sharing my story with all of you because there are many personal trainers. There are many who teach you what to eat while you are training with them. But there are not many, if any, that have the gifting, the ability, to do what Rodney does. He SCULPTS your body! He has an artistic mind (whether he knows this or not) with the human body and knows how to deliver it to you through training and food planning.

Do you get what you pay for when you go? YOU GET MORE THAN THAT! Do you get what is promised? YOU GET ALL OF THAT!

Do you have someone in your corner? ALL THE WAY! Is it worth what he charges? IT’S WORTH MORE THAN HE CHARGES!

I have told Rodney many times, “You have a gift. You really do! I don’t know anyone that can look at the human body, be given a picture of what that person is desiring to look like, and then begin sculpting it out the way you do!”

Most trainers know what you should eat and you should not eat. They play around with it, guessing and watching how you are responding to it. Even then, they still don’t get it right. Trust me, I have seen many other individuals go through this with other trainers in the gyms and whatnot and the results could always be much better! Yes, Rodney has to watch how you respond to it, but he can look at you and he knows EXACTLY
where you need to start and what your daily intake requires to bring you the results that you have been unable to achieve on your own.

The most important thing that I want to say to you is this: If you are thinking that you will come in and pay Rodney for 12 weeks or 6 weeks, whatever
you choose, and you will get the results you paid for, YOU’RE WRONG!!! Here’s why! 100% of the job is guaranteed through Rodney! But that only
makes up 50% of the promise and dedication! The other half HAS TO COME FROM YOU!!! If you come and you are not willing to commit 100% to your training and your meal plans, then don’t do it!

Many people come in thinking they are going to get these results and don’t follow the plan, miss workouts, or say, “I just don’t have the time it
takes to do what you are telling me to do,” then I say this to you, “Don’t blame it on Rodney. Blame yourself!” Because you WILL GET EVERYTHING THAT YOU CAME IN AND PAID FOR FROM HIS END! It’s your end you need to think about before you make the decision!

However, remember this, if you goal is just to come and train and get a good food plan or something like that, he can do that too! But for those of you who want REAL RESULTS, BE READY TO COMMIT and UNWILLING TO QUIT!!!

I hope this will help any of you who debating on whether or not you should go forward with this decision! It was the best decision I ever made for
my body!


Rachelle Castellana (Brandon, FL)

One Happy Kid!

After struggling to lose weight and improve his health, 13 year old Grant Karppe was brought to Rodney at Results Health & Nutrition (by his mom) as a referral from a friend that just had success on the program. At 13, his weight was already at 166 pounds. At his April cardiologist appointment, he was told that he needed to lose at least 6 – 8 lbs or he would need to be tested for diabetes. His blood pressure and heart rate were high, and his heart was not in the best condition, which caused extreme discomfort when trying to do any type of cardio activity. He wasn’t able to run around and do what other kids his age were doing. Grant signed up for a 16 week meal plan (added 3 weeks maintenance at the end) that also included 2 days a week of personal training, to ensure he could get stronger without over exerting himself. He completed 30 minutes of cardio activity averaging 3 days a week. He successfully lost 37 pounds. Recently, Grant shocked everyone at his December cardiologist appointment. His blood pressure and heart rate are at normal levels, and the fatty area around his heart was eliminated. Grant’s doctor was so impressed with the results he achieved, he asked for one of his trainer’s business cards. As a result of his health improvements, Grant was able to sign up for PE at school, something he was not able to do for some time. He also had to go out shopping to buy new clothes as everything was way too big on him.

Grant currently continues to train with Rodney 2 times a week, while maintaining a healthy eating regimen. He’s able to do what other kids do his age. Grant is a happy kid again, and this can be seen daily on his smiling face. Thanks to Rodney for bringing a smile back to my son.

Karen Karppe (Mother of Grant Karppe)

Karen Karppe (Lithia, FL)

Tired Of Not Losing Weight!!!

Gabriela came to Results looking for help to lose weight and tone up her body! She stated that she has tried everything to lose weight and nothing works,but she also noted that her thyroid was part of the problem. I put on a Results Weight Loss Program along with some great weight loss supplements and at her first 2 weeks weigh in she had already started losing weight. As she continued to make smarter choices with her meals and protein shakes things started to get even better. Now at this point even her clothes are fitting better and you can see her confidence everytime she smiles. Gabriela continued with the Results Weight Loss Program and lost an amazing 11 pounds and trimmed off 5 inches from her body. Now she has control over how she looks and feels with her new lifestyle transformation. Congrats to Gabriela on doing such a great job.

Gabriela Sours (Lithia, FL)

Helped Me Swim Faster!

Im 15 years old and i love swimming and band. My mom brought me to Results to see what nutrition could do for my swimming. We set down with Mr. Rodney and told him what we have been eating and doing for my swim meets of the past. He quickly stated that with some adjustments to timing and placement of my meals things would get better. I had never eaten this way all my life,but i wanted to be a better athlete. After starting the Results program it was a little tuff getting use to all the meals and training sessions. But when i got my first weigh in i had lost 4 pounds and could feel something changing,but could really describe it. Before you i knew it i was turning in better times for my swim meets and feeling really good. I continued to trim down to a leaner me and lost 3 more pounds as i got faster times each swim meet. Now i know why the call it R E S U L T S ! Thanks for helping me see just how important food,supplements,and hard work can change everything.

Kinsey Smith (Lithia, FL)

On my way to becoming a better wrestler!!!

I came to Results after hearing about how their Programs have been changing lives. Im 18 years old and wrestle for a local high school. I wanted to build more muscle and get stronger for my up coming wrestling matches… Rodney set me up with a meal plan and sports supplements to help me put on quality muscle while building strength. I also started personal training with him 3 days a week and things started changing the very first week. When i had my first weigh in i gained 3 pounds which quickly sparked my intrest. I was now eating more quality foods along my a special protein shake combo and feeling stronger at wrestling practise. After being on his Results and i do mean Results Program i was up 6 pounds and was just man handling all of my wrestling partners in my weight class. I had this energy like never before and was able to go all 3 rounds without being tired. Rodney had me give him the breakdown of how each wrestling match would go and he then shared with me how to eat the night before and during all my matches and it worked. My weight kept going up and i was able to move up to the next weight class with continued success…The best part of it all was dieting to make weight for my weight class at the regionals….I was like 3 pounds heavier than i needed to be for my weigh in 2 days. Rodney said dont worry he was creating a new way for me to eat over the next couple of days…All i had to do was weigh myself at the end of each night and send it to him…By morning he would have a meal plan ready for me…I told my coach about my weight and he was saying you can eat all that food and lose weight, thats when my mom stepped and said his trainer has got him this far and we will trust what he says to eat…So i ate a steak and baked potato for my last 2 meals at 6 pm and 8 pm…when i weighed in i was 2 pounds lighter but full of energy. I have to say Rodney told me he could change my life and i had no idea it would be to this degree…I was 1 win away from making it to state,but without the help of Results I wouldn’t have made it this far. Thanks Rodney for believing in me.

Jonathan Walcheski (Lithia, FL)

Im Ready For Change....

I had seen the ads for Results Health & Nutrition for months and kept telling myself i was going to call. But as we all do these days it kept getting pushed aside by everyday life. WIth me being a wife and mother of 2 beautiful daughters I thought its time to take a moment for myself. I know it sounds a little selfish,but I have been very supportive for all the other aspects in my life and put myself on the back burner. After discussing it with my family i have to say that they were all on board and was ready to support my every need. I think that was a sign from God that it was time to make the call. So I called Results to set up an appointment to discuss my past experiences with weight loss and what my new found goals were. I have to say that i felt the passion in Rodney’s voice for how his Results Program would work for me. I must admit I have a problem with cravings and to my surprise his strategies for meal choices quickly gave me the power i had been looking for to Just Say No! At my first 2 weeks weigh in i lost more weight than I had in a month of doing it myself. I was now a believer in how important nutrition can be when you just apply your self. Once again at my next 2 weeks weigh in i lost more even more weight and my clothes are starting fit alot better. I have lost an amazing 9 inches across my body and i feel like a new person with alot more energy. Whats crazy about this whole process is that Rodney basically told up front how my weight and body would transform… Everything he said the Results Program would do for me has taken place….Who would have thought eating better and working out with him for only 30 minutes 3 days a week could get me to where I am today! At my final weigh in after weeks i lost a total of 19 pounds and 12 inches (which means my old clothes are no more). If your looking for a life changing experience Results is where you can restart your metabolism and take your back control over the way you look and feel. Thanks Rodney for the extra push!!

Corinthia Cook (Wimauma, FL)

Lisa loses weight as an out of town client

Lisa joined the RESULTS Health & Nutrition with a goal of losing weight. She joined with her husband on a 16 week program covering both a meal plan and work out program. She was able to lose a total of 18 pounds and 18 inches overall. Lisa plans to continue with the eating tips she learned on the meal plan and working out so that she can continue living a healthier lifestyle. She would like to continue losing a little more weight.


Down 20 pounds in 8 weeks

Natalie joined RESULTS to help get jump started on her weight loss. She joined for 8 weeks and bought a separate workout plan that she could use at her own gym. After working with Rodney, she was able to lose 20 pounds and toned up. She lost 12 inches. Her goal is to continue losing weight on her own with hopes of getting down to 160. Natalie weighed 206 at the start of the program and ended at 186. She was happy with her jump start RESULTS she achieved in a short 8 weeks.

Natalie M.

Teenager seeks guidance on eating and working out

13 year old Alex R. came to RESULTS with a goal of losing weight and getting started with working out with weights. His mother wanted to get him back on the right path with eating right and making healthier choices with his food. When Alex started with RESULTS he weighed 236 pounds. After 16 weeks on the meal plan Alex is down to 201. He had a bad 2 weeks in the plan in which he didn’t follow the food recommendations and gained a few pounds, but overall he was down 35 pounds in 16 weeks and lost almost 20 inches. Alex did learn the proper technique and form when working out with weights, something he can take on his own to a gym or working out at home. After finishing his program, he stated he would continue to work on his weight loss on his own.

Alex R.

Teamed up with RESULTS to help with preparations for Bodybuilding in 2011

Aaron joined the RESULTS program for 8 weeks losing 20 pounds and just under 10 inches. While on the program for just a short period of time, he was able to lose weight and show a better looking muscle tone. This started him thinking about doing a Bodybuilding competition in 2011. Aaron was pleased with the RESULTS he was seeing and so was his wife. She also joined up for an 8 week program halfway into Aaron’s success.

Aaron M.

Results Nutrition does exactly what the name implies …..you get RESULTS!

While visiting my son in Valrico, Florida, I met Rodney Burton, who is my son and daughter-in-law’s trainer. After an initial consultation, I decided it was time to become healthier by learning to eat the right foods and follow a plan to exercise and lose weight. Rodney put me on a meal plan that initially felt like it would “take me out” but, after two weeks, I began to see an amazing change in my body. This change gave me the encouragement to stay on track and continue the program for 12 weeks. Rodney and Audra really know their stuff when it comes to healthy lifestyles. I lost a total 30 pounds and 14 inches and three dress sizes. As a “mature” individual ( that means 60 or over) I am unbelievably happy with the change in my appearance as well as the change in lifestyle. I want people to know that this is not a diet it is a lifestyle change. Results Nutrition does exactly what the name implies …..you get RESULTS! Thank You Rodney and Audra. You guys are amazing.

Patricia Simes (Highland, IN)

I met my 12 week goal!!

Rodney helped me get the RESULTS I desired. In just 12 weeks I lost a total of 30 pounds and 29 inches. I did this by following a meal plan consisting of store bought foods, added a delicious protein shake for between meals, and did cardio activity at least 5 days a week. I also added weights to my activity to help with muscle toning. When I first met with Rodney I told him my goal was to lose 30 pounds, and at each weigh in meeting, I was losing an average of 5 pounds (2.5 weekly). Now I feel great, and my health is better Thanks to RESULTS Health & Nutrition

Kerry Thomas (Plant City, FL)

20 Pounds in 8 weeks gone

After witnessing her neighbors weightloss with being on the RESULTS Health & Nutrition plan, Rosalie decided to sign up for an initial program of 8 weeks to lose weight and tone up. At her first weigh in she was down 8 pounds and couldn’t believe how the plan was working. Before coming to RESULTS she thought she was doing the right thing to lose weight by eating only 2-3 meals a day. She quickly found out that eating 5-6 meals a day, or the saying eat to lose was oh so true.
Rosalie continued losing weight at each weigh in, and in the end had also toned up with the personal training sessions Rodney suggested to add into her program. In the end she was down almost 15 inches with her 20 pound weight loss. She was able to fit into clothes she hadn’t worn for some time, and was really excited about her transformation.

Rosalie Donaldson (Valrico, FL)

Ms. Height - Down 20 pounds

With the help of Rodney and RESULTS Health & Nutrition Joceline was able to lost 20 pounds and almost 15 inches while on the meal plan and workout program. Joceline was looking to lose weight, increase energy, and get into a healthier lifestyle which she was able to accomplish while working with RESULTS. This was achieved on a 12 week meal plan with light work out incorporated during the program.

Ms. Height

Dexter joined RESULTS Health & Nutrition following a 16 week meal plan and work out routine in order to lose fat while gaining muscle to look more toned. In other words, trying to get into better shape. After applying himself to the RESULTS program he lost a total of 20 pounds and 20 inches. Not only did this weight loss improve his overall appearance, it also helped him understand eating to a healthier lifestyle. I also want to add that Dexter partnered with his wife Lisa on the RESULTS plan. Her story is also attached.

Dexter Costin (Ocoee, FL)

I Lost 31 pounds and 6 dress sizes!!

Rodney is truly a GODSEND!!

I came to visit family in Florida (he’s my nephew) and I visited Rodney at his office. I was very sick. I was suffering from High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. Rodney consulted with me and immediately wanted to help.

He explained his meal plan and training regimen to me and asked me to trust him with my health. I did, and I could not be more grateful to him for what he helped me to do.

Since I was from Atlanta, I received my meal plans and workout materials online. It was just like being there training with him. He also called me every two weeks to check on my progress and to fine tune my meal plans and training regimen for me.

He was very caring and concerned about me and always took the time to explain what was going on with my body. I lost a total of 31 pounds from Jan.13, 2010 thru April 2010.

I now have a nicely toned body and my health is stellar.

When I went to see my doctor, he was absolutely amazed! He wanted to know how I lost the weight so quickly! He then reduced my blood pessure meds from 3 pills a day to 1, and I am no longer taking insulin shots or pills like I used to.

I now realize that this is not a diet, but a complete lifestyle change, though a little tough at first, it was necessary for me to combat my health problems.

I thank GOD for Rodney and for giving him the knowledge of the human body to help people like me to achieve wellness again!

Thank you soooo much Rodney for helping me and being there when I needed you! I will continue to follow your lessons on wellness.

Your Aunt Liz

Elizabeth Holloman (Warner Robins, GA)

Excellent results after 8 weeks

I first contacted Rodney in Mid-November 2010. Although I was in good shape (size 6, 5’4″) and worked out (classes) 4 to 5 days a week. My two goals were to lose 5 pounds and tone up my upper body. During our evaluation, Rodney explained the meal plan and training options and so I signed up for the 8 week meal plan and 3 training sessions per week.

Initially, the diet was somewhat difficult but, as Rodney promised, by week 3 I had adapted. During week 6, we increased the sessions to 4 per week so that the results would be easy to maintain. My final results were amazing! Although I lost a few inches and pounds, I wear a smaller size since the shape of my body has completely changed. My arms and legs are more toned and I am amazed at what little work is required to maintain it.

After completing the meal plan and training sessions for 8 weeks, Rodney designed a maintenance workout plan that I could do on my own three times per week. The plan incorporates all of the exercises we did at his gym into three 20 minute workouts. It is fantastic and it absolutely works. It now has been approximately 3 months since I began training with Rodney and this has been one of the best invesments I have ever made. I have continued to follow the meal plan (only taking a break for one or two meals once per week) and my weight and measurements have remained the same since my last visit. Overall, Rodney has taught me about proper nutrition and technique for strength training – both of which are the key to maintaining the great results he has created.

Thank you for such FANTASTIC results!

Maria Munoz (Riverview, FL)

I lost 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes!!

I must admit that when I first visited Rodney at his office I was a bit skeptical. As I explained to Rodney, I am a diabetic and no matter what diet or exercise program I have tried, I can not loose more than a pound or two here and there so it was time to try something different. Rodney said that he could help, as a matter of fact he sounded pretty sure of himself so I agreed and was a true believer after my first 2 week weigh in and I had lost about 5 pounds! Mid way thru the 20 week program I think my Dr. was more excited than I was about the amount of weight that I had lost and actually reduced the amount of my diabetes medicine, now I was really pumped up. Rodney taught me that it is not enough to eat the right foods, but how to eat the right foods and now after losing 30 pounds and 4 dress sizes I can’t say enough about his program. I am eternally grateful.


After 12 weeks of eating healthier and personal training sessions with Rodney at RESULTS Health & Nutrition, Burnard lost 20 pounds.

Starting weight – 263
Final weigh in – 243

Program started January and ended April.

In addition to the personal training with Rodney, Burnard also did some training sessions on his own including cardio. This helped to support his weight loss and helped create more lean muscle mass.

Burnard Scott

Lost Weight & Gained Lean Muscle

After working with Rodney & RESULTS for 5 months, Billy was down a total of 20 pounds. He began making healthier decisions with his food intake and also followed a work out plan that was changed several times over the 5 months. In the end, he saw pounds lost and muscle gained to give him a more toned appearance.

Started program mid December, ended mid May.

Billy Creel

Great Trainer

I have been with Rodney for approximately 6 weeks now and have been extremely satisfied with his program. My body has changed so much not just in weight loss or muscle mass, but also the way I feel at 37. I would definitely recommend his program to anyone looking for a change. You have to have the desire and want to, to make a change.

Thanks Rodney!

After 12 weeks on the RESULTS program, Dave lost a total of 20 pounds. He was also able to lose inches where his body needed it most to give him a more lean look.

5.5 inches lost in waist and hip area
Gained 1.5 inches of muscle tone in his legs.

Dave Morris (Plant City, FL)

Lost Fat and Gained Muscle!

After 8 weeks of eating healthier and following a specialized work out plan, Jaysen lost 19 pounds and almost 10 inches. While on the program he lost fat and replaced it with muscle giving him a more defined look. After going through a personal training session, he also learned proper technique and form of working out and was able to take this to his own work out sessions at his own gym.

Jaysen Rodriguez (Seffner, FL)

Hi my name is Stephanie New and I would like to let you in on my experience with Results Nutrition. When I first came to Rodney I weighed 174 pounds. I felt very tired and sluggish. I knew I needed to change my diet. I was eating out everyday and not working out. I am so glad I took the step to come here and find out the correct way to eat and lose weight. The diet doctors do not work. My sister had been going to one right before I started working with Rodney and she lost alot of weight and muscle in the beginning with those diet pills. Since coming off she has already gained 15 pounds back in about 3 weeks. I have now passed her up and look great! Over the course of 12 weeks with Rodney I have lost 30 pounds and I have so much energy I never sit down. I am enjoying workin out. With this program I learned the right foods to eat and how much I should be having with each meal. I now eat 7 small meals a day and feel great. Eating this many times really does work and gets your metabolism burning. I have gained muscle tone with the workout program he has me follow. I love how I feel and look and will continue to follow this program. Thank you Rodney for helping me!!

Stephanie lost a total of 34.8 pounds and 24 inches.

Stephanie New (Brandon, FL)

Hooked on Results

Kevin’s initial consultation took place on October 26. He was looking to lose weight and add muscle, something he had never focused on before. After going over Kevin’s goals, I began explaining The RESULTS Program which would consist of elevating his metabolism to help with his Fat Burning and Weight Loss goals. Following our discussion Kevin decided that he wanted to start with an 8 Week Meal Plan and Workout Routine.

In addition to signing up for the 8 weeks, I recommended Kevin to consider 5 personal training sessions, to walk him through proper form and technique of each exercise. This would also allow him to maximize his time in the gym. By the way Kevin never worked out with weights before this program. I have to say I was very amazed at how fast Kevin picked up on things. He was also very disciplined in following the meal plan and work out routine.
At Kevin’s first 2 week weigh in, he had lost an amazing 10lbs. I always inform my clients that the sooner you plug into the program, the weight loss will just seem to fall off. After only a month on the program we were at 16 pounds of weight loss. (Keep in mind this would have been within the Thanksgiving holiday)
Once we reached our 8 week mark Kevin had lost a total of 29 lbs and was well on his way to that toned/muscular body he desired. Again, I must say Kevin was a true believer in the program from the day we started and very disciplined with his eating and workouts.

We discussed going a little further with the program and at the end of 26 weeks Kevin had lost a total of 47 lbs and had gained the nice muscluar physique he desired (like that of a surfer).

Everyone around him at his job was in shock with the transformation they were seeing. It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of a lifestyle change of this magnitude and I am happy that I was able to help guide Kevin in the right direction. That’s how Kevin reached his goals while getting RESULTS!


Impressed by my son's RESULTS, I signed up too

At 61, I was in pretty good shape for old lady. I’ve been blessed with wonderful metabolism and good eating habits all my life. But, I was starting to see a little belly that I didn’t like at all and I wasn’t seeing the strength gains that I was working so hard for. I had gotten serious about weights and cardio workouts several years ago after the Hormone Replacement Therapy study was released that pointed out that, one, not only did HRT NOT protect your heart and bones like initially believed, it actually increased your chances of cancer. So, if I wanted strong bones and a good heart, it was up to me. I am fairly knowledgeable about nutrition & strength training due in part to hours of research and reading (I have quite a nice little library on women’s strength training) and from input from my son, Daniel. When he began his 12 week program with Rodney I was curious about his expectations and how he would achieve them. I’d been saying for years that “before I die, I want to work with a personal trainer…” You know, how do they do what they do to get you where you want to be…

Daniel came over one weekend with his children after he’d been on his program about 4 weeks and was so excited about his abs! Wow! I hadn’t seen abs like that since the girls I work with circulated the Firemen’s pin-up calendar a few years ago! And, for the first time in years I observed that my son was not eating like a pig. No small feat. He had brought his digital scale with him and was weighing his portions. Now, I was really interested in this guys’ program. So, I called Rodney, met with him and at the end of our conversation, he said very quietly, “We can make some improvements, tweak what you’re doing and achieve your goals.” He came to the gym at my work facility to see what resources I had available, walked me through my entire workout and cardio routine, and then sent me my eating and workout plan for the next two weeks.

Thus began one of the most interesting and challenging times I’ve ever spent. I was amazed at what I could do in the gym and even more amazed when I saw my little fat belly disappearing! I had told Rodney “Make this belly disappear and get me strong enough to do a 15lb. bicep curl.” He guided me into achieving both goals. He was very emphatic that he was simply my guide – if I wanted to accomplish anything, I would have to make the effort. Shortly after completing my 8 week program, my mom was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and I began to travel to Daytona Beach on the weekends to spend time with her. I don’t believe I would have had the energy to keep up my work schedule & those trips without having done my program with Rodney. My stress began to show up in continued weight loss and so I contacted Rodney with my concerns, and even though I had finished my program with him, he responded immediately and changed my maintenance eating to include more carbohydrates for energy and stamina.

During my time with Rodney, I had lots of questions about the eating program and was always impressed with his depth of knowledge concerning foods and how they affect the body and the mind. It was amazing to discover just how little food I needed to eat in order to be healthy and strong – as long as the foods were the quality lean proteins and “good” carbs that contributed to a stronger, healthier body.

I’ve been out of the gym now for almost 3 months, but when I’m ready to go back, I’ve got my workout programs from the very beginning to the end along with my eating plans; Rodney has given me tools I can use the rest of my life no matter where I am. I’m deeply indebted to him, not only for myself, but also for what he’s done for my son and his wife and their health.

Randy (Balm, FL)

Testimonial for Results Health and Nutrition from James D. (Dan) Sumner, Sr.

In mid March, after much urging from my wife, I met with Rodney. I signed on for a sixteen week program of diet and workouts. Cardio was no problem since I had been walking 2 ½ to 3 miles in the morning for two years. I was especially concerned about my left shoulder (torn rotator cuff) and a recent hernia repair. After seeing the facility I had available to work our in, Rodney built a work out schedule taking all this into consideration. Results were what I got (and immediately)! I lost 8 lbs. the first two weeks, 8 more the second two weeks, and an additional 8 lbs. over the next few weeks. That was 24 lbs. in eight weeks. It would normally have taken me three to four weeks just lose 3 or 4 lbs.
I was never hungry between meals until the seventh or eighth week and then Rodney just added another meal. I started with five meals and ended with seven as my body more food. Wherever I am, when I start eating, people are amazed by the fact that I am eating raw sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. They are also amazed at the way I look after a few months on the program.
At one point around week 10, we took a week’s vacation and over it I gained 2 lbs. It was gone after a week back on the program.

I have lost six inches off my waist, gained four inches through the chest and now look fit and trim in spite of having a fairly heavy build. People I have worked with over the years, but haven’t seen for a while are amazed at the difference – it is noticeable.

Besides the change in looks, the change in health has been the greatest. At about 8 weeks, I had a colonoscopy. In pre-op, the nurse took my vital signs. After taking my blood pressure, she pointed to the machine and said “Is that your normal blood pressure?” I looked at the digital display and it read 99/64. I replied “I guess it is now”. A few minutes later, in the procedure room, another nurse hooked me up to all the monitors and began prepping me. I noticed that she kept looking at the monitors over and over and I began to get a little anxious. She finally asked, “Are you some kind of runner?” I replied, “No, but I walk a lot”. Then she asked, “Do you exercise a lot?” and I replied, “No, but regularly’. She then stated “You have the blood pressure and heart rate of a teenager!” I donated blood in June and my resting heart rate was 52BPM and my blood pressure of 102/58. Cholesterol was 167.

I have taken jeans off my closet shelf that have been there for at least 20 years and they fit. I had to – the ones I was wearing were way too big and baggy; the same for belts. My flexibility has greatly increased as has my overall strength and endurance. My weight has remained constant even with some 4 – 5 day mini-vacations. When Rodney says “Results”, that’s what you’ll get if you follow his program.

By the way, if you were wondering, I am 63 years old.

“How bad do you want it?” and “Help me help you”

The two quotes that I would constantly hear vibrating in my head! Rodney would say it over and over and over, now it’s imbedded within my mind.

I started working out with Rodney on 8/30/2007 and it’s been an experience like no other. I’ve learned so much in the past 9 months, my mindset has changed dramatically and of course, my physical transformation has been amazing. Rodney is not only a trainer, nutritionist or as he calls himself an exercise nutrition specialist, but he is also a teacher, coach, counselor and if you catch him at the right time a comedian. He has been supportive and encouraging and not because he’s being paid to but because he genuinely wants you to “win” and be successful at your goals. You will always see him smile (unless of course you do not help him help you) and will make you feel that you are his most important client.

It’s been a lot of hard work, sweat, discipline, perseverance, strength and prayer to get through the past weeks and months. To train with Rodney you have to have a made up mind and know what you want. Rodney can give you a diet and exercise plan; however, he can’t give you a new mindset or inner strength. You have to dig deep within to sustain the discipline and effort that requires you to transform your body. Ask your self “How bad do you want it”, if you want it then Rodney will definitely help you to achieve it and get you to your goals. I was personally and emotionally driven to reach my goals by my 35th birthday. I actually exceeded my best, I originally lost 48 lb in 5 ½ months, can you believe that? I wouldn’t have believed it either if I didn’t see the numbers on paper. Over the last 15yrs, my struggle with losing weight has been a constant battle and vicious cycle. I moved to Tampa 4 years ago and gained an additional 30lbs just from stress, new job, new environment. Last year I made a decree, declared and decided that enough was enough and I finally decided to invest in myself and my future to stop the cycle. I asked the smiling man working out at LA Fitness(Rodney) for help, I set up an appt, and the rest is history.

The biggest struggle for me was the eating plan; it was the hardest thing I ever had to commit to! In the beginning I was constantly in Rodney’s face asking a million questions, but to my surprise, he would not answer any of them. He would just say live for every 2hrs for the next 2 wks. It was hard but that’s what I did. I focused on every 2 ½ hours until I could eat and it got easier as each 2 weeks came and left.

Along with Rodney’s daily encouragement, I also prayed a lot and asked the Lord for help, I was constantly reading inspiring words to feed my spirit. To help me stay accountable and for extra support, I emailed weekly updates to all of my closest friends with my goals and pictures. It got to the point where I accepted everything Rodney said to me as challenge.

Here are a few motivational quotes that helped me get through the process.
– I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
– If you fail to plan you plan to fail
– Do what you always did, get what you always got
– A goal without a plan for success is no more than a dream

The one thing most needed to change a person’s lifestyle and improve health.
– A committed decision to reach a predetermined goal, combined with burning desire, followed by immediate, massive action repeated consistently for as long as it takes to reach your goal. (This helped me tremendously with the eating plan!!!)

In conclusion, I have 9lbs left to lose, and I’m excited because I can see the vision and the end is near. I haven’t been this size since high school. Thank God, the battle is almost over!

As of today, 6/17/08, my weight loss measurements consists of the following:
Size – 9/10 (before- very tight 16)
Scale weight – 40lbs
Chest – 5.25 inches
Waist – 4.75 inches
Arms – 1.25 inches
Thighs – 1.75 inches
Calves – 1.25 inches

Rodney, keep doing what you do with the gift that God has blessed you with! Thank you!!!!!

Jaiya(Riverview, FL)

The RESULTS plan changed my life

If you are one of the many people looking to improve the way you look and feel for the better, please take a minute to read my RESULTS testimonial, as I truly believe the RESULTS plan can change your life as much as it changed mine.

My name is Dan and I am 36 years old. I have always tried to be active and healthy. In high school, I played football and wrestled. I also began lifting in high school. In college, I played football for two yrs, and because I was really too small to play at that level (NAIA II), I did quite a bit of damage to my knees, shoulders, and back. When I transferred to another college to finish my degree, I took up competitive powerlifting. I was able to strengthen and rehabilitate some of the damage football had done to my body. It was also about this time that my eating began to become less healthy.

Out of college, I continued to lift, but with no real purpose or direction. As I got older, I get less results in my lifting for the same amount of input. I suffered from the ‘0ld School’ thought process: I can eat whatever I want as long as I am working out, always using heavy weights is always good, and I don’t need supplements.

I continued to follow that aimless path and outdated thinking into my 30’s. Then, I began to have some low back pain. At one point, I quit lifting for about 6 mo’s. My physical therapist convinced me to get back into shape and continue working out, but try to moderate my eating. Two yrs went by with no back pain, and then it came back. I had to quit lifting again, as the pain the next day was unbearable. The more I worried, the more and worse I ate. My weight now was upwards of 240lbs. In January of 2007, I had low back surgery to remove extruded pieces of my l4/l5 disc from my spinal column. At the time of the surgery, I had been bed ridden for 4 wks. After the surgery, I began walking to rehabilitate myself, but my eating was at its worst. I was home by myself, and bored and unhappy with how I looked, and I dealt with it by eating even worse. It was a self destructive cycle.

I returned to work mid March, and was as heavy as I’ve ever been. I would be so tired at the end of the day, I would fall asleep a few minutes after getting home. Again, I was unhappy with myself, so I’d go eat a pizza and drink bourbon in an effort to feel better. I was using food as a crutch. But it was crippling me, not helping me. And I knew that, but just couldn’t break the cycle. One day in May, Rodney was at my work center and we began a conversation. I had always admired Rodney’s accomplishments in the world of bodybuilding and strength training. Plus, he never copped a ‘musclehead’ attitude. He was ever obliging, and always willing to help out with tips or advice. This particular conversation centered around me feeling sorry for myself, and crying that I’d never be the same after the surgery, and I just couldn’t get back in shape. Rodney responded with “if you’ve got the will, I’ll give you the way”. We set up a consultation, at which I listed my goals, and he showed me how WE would get there. In a few days, I began the meal plan and workout routine Rodney had lined out for me.

The RESULTS were almost immediate. In the first two weeks, I began getting compliments on my shrinking waistline and gut. In three weeks, I had abs. It just got better from there. I not only looked better, I felt better. I had more energy in the evenings for my wife and children. My cardio vascular health was the best it had ever been, and my attitude was totally different. I felt good about me. In the 12 weeks of the RESULTS program, I went from 230lbs, to 196lbs. Everyone around me noticed the difference. So much so, that my training partner started his own RESULTS journey, and my mom even signed up with Rodney. At the conclusion of my program, my wife was so impressed with what he could do, that she also committed to get RESULTS.

Rodney’s program has changed my whole life. I now have a notebook full of eating plans and training routines that I can pull out and use from now on. These are not competition diets, these are eating programs and nutrition guides to last a lifetime. Rodney recommended certain supplements to bolster my training, and wow! What a difference they make. He is there to guide clients from start to finish. He has never failed to return a call or email, no matter how minor a question I had. And he is there after you complete your program. Rodney truly wants people to be healthy for life, not just for the time you are under his watchful eye.

In conclusion, I cannot praise Rodney and RESULTS NUTRITION highly enough. It was truly a lifestyle change for me, and I know it can change you, too.

Dan (Riverview, Fl)

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